Society Info

The sense of community and collegial spirit at Weldon is embodied in Canada’s oldest student-run law social society and the oldest society at this institution: the Domus Legis Society. Domus Legis was founded in 1965 to promote good fellowship among the students of the Faculty of Law, to encourage a high standard of professional work, and to assist in the advancement of its members.

I can say with confidence that the students, alumni, and faculty would agree that the Society has met these objectives. Over the past 44 years, Domus Legis has served as an influential social gathering point and has fostered a spirt of fellowship unrivaled among Canadian law schools. In addition to its renowned revelry, Domus Legis has been a home for passionate discussion and debate, a place where ideas flourish and innovations in the legal community are conceived. The Dalhousie Legal Aid Clinic, for instance, which was the first clinical law program in Canada, can trace its roots to Domus Legis.

Today, the Society continues to flourish despite losing its house in 2004 to make way for the Faculty of Management. The acquisition of another house, thereby returning the Society to its founding state, remains the chief objective of the Society. Despite this period of transition, Domus Legis continues to serve as the stage for exceptional, lasting, and dare I say, legendary experiences here at the law school. It truly is the cornerstone of the school’s social life.